welcome to theExile Skies,captain.

In a world where humanity has failed, the remaining few waste away fighting over the precious floating energy spheres. This heavily contested area is the Monsoon Pirates’ proving ground. You are a leader among pirates, and ready to command your own airship! Master the art of airship navigation. Outfly and outgun your opponents to gather floating energy. Once you have enough, watch it transform your airship to a bigger, meaner version capable of wrecking havoc.
Fly your airship to glory through fire and brimstone!



  • Enjoy a smooth flying experience in realtime 3D space
  • Celebrate realtime airship pvp combat with 50 players
  • Discover all the advanced forms your airship can take
  • Outmaneuver your opponents and use your cannons to fire into their blind spots.
  • Ram and crash into smaller opponents who dare to threaten you
  • Use the terrain to your advantage in a vast, treacherous stage