April.6 2018


Dalmoor Birds Eye View

We finally did it… As if two world wars weren’t enough, we pushed our little buttons, and we saw the burning lights destroying our homes and our people, country after country. The sky was gone, pollution was killing us and the richest of the rich went into space to wait it out or even find new planets to inhabit while we, the normal people were left behind, slowly decaying into nothingness. Some of us found the strength and will to give hope another chance; the greatest minds left alive among us, decided that deep underground near the center of the earth’s core we could survive.


The first underground cities started arising from the ashes of our old burned civilizations, we believed we could do better, we believed we could BE better. However, the ugliness of our nature is still there untainted by the so fresh history. The surface is filled with all kinds of resources and our population is extremely low, but still we’ve become a pirate world and we’re fighting for every little bit resource we can find out there. A new energy source was discovered after all the destruction, we call it “Floating Air” and it can make our ships fly, it’s the most sought after resource after water.


Most of us haven’t venture far from our great city’s borders, too dangerous. But we must be one of the largest ones, we call our home Dalmoor, that is the name we believe this place had before… We love it and we’ll protect it with our lives. The war will never end…